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Cavity Fillings

 Nobody looks forward to having a cavity filled, but it happens to the best of us. Many times, even people who practice good oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly still experience cavities from time to time. When this happens, Thrive Dental Studio is here to restore your mouth to health quickly and comfortably. Here’s what you need to know before scheduling an appointment with Dr. Figueiredo to have a filling at Thrive Dental Studio.

Why Would I Need to Get a Cavity Filled?

Cavities, another name for tooth decay, are nothing more than holes that develops in one’s teeth. While cavities start out quite small and are often undetectable to the naked eye, they can grow quickly if not addressed by a dentist. If you develop a cavity, it’s important to have Dr. Figueiredo fill it right away. Cavities will not go away on their own. On the contrary, they will only progress and cause more serious problems over time, such as tooth loss. Furthermore, untreated cavities can cause an array of unpleasant symptoms, such as bad breath, difficulty chewing, pain, and even infection.

Why Get a Cavity Treatment at Thrive Dental Studio?

Dr. Figueiredo uses the most progressive techniques in diagnosing and treating carious lesions. He is very proactive and conservative in addressing every oral health need that a patient may experience. This is important because it results in minimal tooth structure removals and lengthening the life span of the restorations as much as possible.

What Happens If You Don’t Fill a Cavity?

Tooth decay starts to develop when plaque and bacteria building up on the tooth structure, which then creates acid. This acid begins to erode the hard protective coating on the tooth, also known as the enamel. Once this acid breaks through the outer layer of one’s enamel, tooth decay can spread faster due to the inside layer, commonly referred to as the dentin, not being as strong as the enamel. If the tooth decay is allowed to spread throughout the dentin, it can break into the interior of the root. When this occurs, additional restorative procedures may be necessary to remove any infected tissue. 

A variety of external damage can result from this type of tooth decay as well, such as cracks or fractures within the tooth. This cracking can potentially spread beneath the gum line as well as along the root structure. When this occurs, tooth loss is possible. For this reason, it is important to identify and address issues of tooth decay early in the process to prevent these unpleasant, inconvenient, and costly consequences. Routine visits to Dr. Figueiredo, good oral hygiene habits, and a proactive attitude towards your dental health will help minimize this risk.

Is Getting a Cavity Filled Painful?

You will always be adequately anesthetized before you have a cavity filled at Thrive Dental Studio. Dr. Figueiredo will never begin treatment until both you and he are both confident that profound anesthesia has been achieved.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Cavity Filled?

The amount of time needed for a cavity fill depends on the number of teeth and surfaces being treated on a patient. A patient can typically expect the procedure to take thirty minutes or less for restorations of one tooth and forty-five minutes to one hour for multiple teeth. Dr. Figueiredo will give you a more specific time estimate after diagnosing the lesions and scheduling a cavity treatment plan.


Can I Drive Myself Home After Getting Cavities Filled?

In the vast majority of cases, patients can safely drive themselves home from restorative procedures, including cavity fillings. However, if anxiolytic drugs are necessary, Dr. Figueiredo will recommend you bring an alternative driver to ensure you get home safely, such as a family member. 

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