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For people struggling with crooked or imperfect teeth, achieving a straighter, more symmetrical smile can be life-changing. When your teeth are in the proper position, you don’t only look and feel your best, but it benefits your oral health as well. Fortunately, improving the appearance of your imperfect smile is simple with cosmetic dental treatments such as Invisalign. Here’s what you should know about Invisalign before scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Figueiredo at Thrive Dental Studio.


What Are Clear Aligners (Invisalign)?

Invisalign are clear braces that are used to treat the most common orthodontic conditions. They are made from BPA-free plastic aligner trays that are virtually invisible and customized to fit your teeth perfectly, so they won’t slide or fall out. Invisalign is recognized as a superior orthodontic solution due to its discreet appearance, convenience, and effectiveness. 



Invisalign Treatment Process

Enhancing your smile with Invisalign is simple. First, photographs and digital scans or impressions will be taken of your mouth and sent to a dental lab where a plan will be formulated and revised multiple times to get as perfect an outcome as possible. If everything looks good to you and the doctor your clear aligner trays will then be fabricated. Once you receive your clear aligners, it’s important to wear them for at least 22 hours a day. Your Invisalign aligner trays will be swapped out approximately every two weeks to subtly move your teeth over time to the desired position. After your Invisalign treatment process is complete, you can confidently share your new and improved smile with the world!

Invisalign Dentist

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Your time wearing Invisalign will depend on your particular oral health needs as well as how closely you follow the dentist’s instructions. Not wearing your Invisalign clear aligners as directed could mean a longer treatment time. Some people may only have to use Invisalign for a few months while others could expect to wear their aligners for up to 18 months.



Invisalign vs Braces

While both Invisalign and metal braces are effective at treating an array of orthodontic concerns, including overcrowding, gapped teeth, and misaligned teeth, Invisalign offers many benefits that make it more appealing to patients and dentists alike. These include:

  • Discreet: No one will know that you’re wearing Invisalign.
  • Convenient: Take them out to eat, drink, and clean. There’s no need to avoid certain foods, such as popcorn.
  • Fast: Invisalign often works faster than traditional metal braces.
  • Durable: You’ll never have to worry about brackets and wires breaking with Invisalign.


How to Care for Your Teeth While Using Invisalign

Caring for your teeth while wearing Invisalign is the best way to ensure that your treatment process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Here are some simple tips to keep your teeth and aligners in good condition:


  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Floss and use mouth rinse daily
  • Never bite down, eat, or drink anything while wearing your aligners
  • Always store your aligners in their case when not wearing them
  • Rinse your aligners with warm water after each use

 Invisalign Treatment Cost

The cost of Invisalign treatment will depend on what your dental insurance plan includes. For information on your particular dental insurance policy, please contact our dental office in Portland, Maine.

Enhance Your Smile with Invisalign in Portland, ME

You don’t have to live with a crooked or imperfect smile any longer. At Thrive Dental Studio, you can achieve a healthier, more radiant smile in a matter of months with Invisalign clear aligners. To learn more about how Invisalign could enhance your smile’s natural beauty, improve your oral health, and boost your self-esteem, Dr. Figueiredo and our trusted team are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and see if Invisalign is right for you. We can’t wait to help you change your life for the better with a gorgeous, straight smile!