What are Invisible Braces?

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Get a beautiful and consistent smile with an orthodontic treatment that is clear and nearly invisible. At Thrive Dental Studio in Portland, Maine, we care about your dental care, and we offer two options for straightening your teeth that are great for those that want to improve the health and appearance of their smile with straight teeth. You can get clear braces that are made of ceramic material and function similarly to the way traditional metal braces work. We also offer Invisalign and sets of removable plastic trays that fit over your mouth – for straighter teeth and improved oral health.

Clear Aligners

At Thrive Dental Studio, we also offer an orthodontic treatment tool called Invisalign. Invisalign aligners use custom-made plastic trays to straighten teeth over time. We have 3D scanning technology at our dental studio to ensure each tray is the exact shape it needs to be to work correctly for your specific needs, as well as regular PVS impressions for Invisalign. However, for other clear aligners, we use our digital scanners. The trays can easily be removed when you eat, drink, and brush and floss your teeth.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign offers many benefits compared to traditional metal braces and can be the best option for a straighter smile in less time.

  • Discreet appearance: The clear plastic trays are nearly invisible. Most people who see you will not even know they are there.
  • Convenience: The trays are removable. No glue or wires hold them in place. To be effective, they do need to be worn 22 hours a day, but you can remove them for eating and drinking. Plus, you can eat whatever you like. There are no diet restrictions as there are with metal braces.
  • Comfort: The plastic Invisalign trays fit snugly because they are designed especially for your teeth and mouth. There are no metal brackets to rub against the inside of your mouth. Although you will feel a slight pressure on your teeth when you switch trays, most people find the trays are overall very comfortable.
  • Improved oral hygiene: Because the clear aligner trays are easily removable, you can brush and floss your teeth as you normally would.
  • Speed: Depending on your needs, clear aligner trays may straighten your teeth faster than metal braces. That being said, not all conditions are right for Invisalign. Some more severe conditions may require traditional braces. Your dentist will let you know if Invisalign is the right option.

Want to Know More About Invisible Braces?

Ceramic braces and Invisalign trays both help people feel more confident while they are getting their teeth straightened. At Thrive Dental Studio in Portland, Maine, we help children, adolescents, and adults achieve healthier, more attractive smiles with ceramic braces or Invisalign. The ability to align your teeth correctly without looking like your mouth is full of metal has its advantages! We offer different types of invisible braces and a custom treatment plan that will produce good results through patients’ needs for a beautiful smile. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Figueiredo at Thrive Dental Studio and learn more about your orthodontic options.

Dan Figueiredo, DMD

Dan Figueiredo, DMD

Dr. Dan Figueiredo, a graduate of Tufts University School of Dentistry, blends his artistic talent and scientific acumen to provide high-quality, patient-centric dental care in Maine. Recognized for his transparent communication and his commitment to continuous learning, he stays abreast of the latest dental advancements through regular attendance at esteemed dental institutes and continuous education courses. Beyond his practice, he passionately embraces Maine’s outdoor heritage, participating in competitive trap and sporting clays shooting, engaging in seasonal outdoor activities, and eagerly anticipating his next international travel adventure.