Why are More Adults Getting Braces?

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Why Are More Adults Getting Braces?

At Thrive Dental Studio, we provide Orthodontic services to teenagers and adults because we understand that a healthier mouth and a better smile can make the biggest difference. Located in Portland, Maine, Thrive Dental Studio believes everyone should have access to a treatment plan with good dental services.

Orthodontic technology has advanced a lot over the past few years. Now, more orthodontic treatments are available, and they are more affordable. If your family couldn’t afford to pay for traditional braces when you were a child, it is likely that you can now get the treatments you need for a lot less cost.

Teeth can change and shift as the years go by, and even if you had braces as a kid, your teeth might have shifted back. However, adult orthodontic treatment plans can be a solution for crooked teeth that may have shifted over the years. Orthodontic patients today have a lot of options for the dental offices they choose and the best orthodontic option for a healthier smile.

Because a number of adult patients are taking their oral hygiene routines like brushing and flossing regularly and going to the dentist for routine checkups, more adults have healthy dental plans. These ideal conditions make it possible to do orthodontics without any negative side effects.

We have several options available for adult orthodontics, including invisible braces and clear aligner trays that can help improve your dental health.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligner trays, such as Invisalign, are popular for adult orthodontic treatments. The clear plastic braces are so discreet that it is difficult for anyone to notice that you are wearing them. You receive a series of plastic trays for the top and bottom, which you use in order, changing them about once a week or as directed by your dentist.

Another major benefit of clear aligners is that there are no diet restrictions. You remove the trays before you eat and drink, which makes it possible to eat whatever you like. Cleaning your teeth with clear aligners is easy, too. Simply remove the trays and brush and floss as you normally would.

It is important to note that clear aligners only work if you are committed to having them in your mouth for approximately 22 hours daily for your complete orthodontic treatment. 

What are the Benefits of Having Straight Teeth?

There’s more to having straight teeth than just a pretty smile! Check out these benefits of getting orthodontic treatments:

  • It improves your overall oral health and gives you a beautiful smile.
  • Your capacity to brush and floss all your teeth improves when you have healthy teeth, helping to prevent tooth decay.
  • Having straighter teeth prevents periodontal concerns, such as gum disease.
  • Improves the appearance of your teeth.
  • A new smile will restore missing teeth and create a more confident patient.
  • Having a great smile significantly improves the way you bite and chew food.
  • Improving your bite can also prevent excessive wear to your teeth due to grinding.

How Much Do Adult Braces Cost?

Some dental insurance companies may cover part of the cost of your specific form of orthodontic treatment, depending on the types of braces you are looking for. Please check your insurance plans through your dental provider to ensure you are covered.

Call our office for specific pricing questions. We have a dental membership plan that gives you discounts on our services, and we have other financing options available to help you afford your orthodontic treatments.

Come to Thrive Dental Studio to Discuss Adult Orthodontics

Are you interested in straightening your teeth? No matter what age you are, we can help you look and feel your best with adult orthodontics. Contact us to schedule an appointment at our Portland, Maine office. We will examine your teeth, discuss your orthodontic options and treatment methods, and answer any questions you may have. Every patient gets individualized attention here at Thrive Dental Studio. Dr. Figueiredo and his experienced team do our best to make you feel at home and give you the best dental and orthodontic care possible. 

Dan Figueiredo, DMD

Dan Figueiredo, DMD

Dr. Dan Figueiredo, a graduate of Tufts University School of Dentistry, blends his artistic talent and scientific acumen to provide high-quality, patient-centric dental care in Maine. Recognized for his transparent communication and his commitment to continuous learning, he stays abreast of the latest dental advancements through regular attendance at esteemed dental institutes and continuous education courses. Beyond his practice, he passionately embraces Maine’s outdoor heritage, participating in competitive trap and sporting clays shooting, engaging in seasonal outdoor activities, and eagerly anticipating his next international travel adventure.